Hospitality & Hotels

Quad has over 30 years’ experience in the provision of services to the Hospitality sector. This includes:

  • Hotels, Motels, Resorts, 5 star Hotels
  • Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants
  • Residential Complexes, Residential student/boarding accommodation

Quad provides a range of services to our hospitality clients, including:

  • Housekeeping Services, Stewarding Services
  • Guest Pool Area Cleaning and set up, Gymnasium cleaning
  • Kitchen / Food Preparation Area Cleaning
  • Specialised carpet & upholstered furniture cleaning.
  • Canopy and Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Function Room cleaning and preparation
  • Children’s Play Area Cleaning including filtering of the sand for foreign and unsafe objects
  • Event cleaning services for hotel corporate and industry hosted events, such as marketing launches, fairs and expos. Cleaning services can include pre, during and post event cleaning.

Quad is familiar with a variety of operational requirements specific to the Hospitality industry

  • We provide flexibility of cleaner scheduling to meet changing requirements & varying occupancy rates
  • We provide performance reporting, including room cleaning sign off documents.
  • Quad has the in depth experience to clean the wide range of cleaning activities at differing hospitality sites.
  • We develop solutions to each client site requirements.
  • Additional staff are available as required, who are pre-trained and pre-qualified to work on site. Staff meet all security requirements and have already participated in induction and training relevant to their role.
  • Our services meet a variety of service levels for the banquet areas, administrative and security rooms, guest areas, restaurants, ballroom and function areas, guest recreation areas, and pool area.
  • All staff are trained in customer service for interaction with guests.