Public Domain, Theme Parks, Theatre, Sports Venues

Quad provides service to a range of high profile public venues such as:

  • Parks & Sport Venues
  • Theme parks, Aquariums & Wildlife Parks
  • Theatres & Cinemas

This involves:

  • The expertise in the wide range of cleaning and maintenance requirements of these different venues. At some sites there is a retail component with roving patrols services and table bussing.
  • Scheduling and rostering of staff to ensure areas are covered/ cleaned by the required times.
  • Ability at short notice to provide a large number of staff to cover for an event/ function.
  • Ground maintenance as outlines in our ground maintenance section.
  • Event cleaning with the depth and flexibility of staff to meet varying demands.
  • All our cleaners are well presented and trained in customer service, visitor interaction and the special requirements of site.
  • All cleaners working have immigration and police check clearances.