Commercial & Industrial

Quad has over 40 years’ experience in the provision of cleaning services to a variety of commercial sites and industrial sites that combine components of office, warehouse, production, factory and amenity areas.

Sites range from large to small commercial sites and industrial sites, and include:

  • Paper mills and packaging, printing plant
  • air conditioning sites, insulation plants, white good manufacturing, electrical switchboard manufacturing, filtration systems
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical instruments, chemical plants
  • Power stations, mines, steel mills, transport, defence factories, port facilities
  • Beverage & soft drink sites, food processing

The Quad approach is to always start with a full understanding of site requirements, then development of cleaning, safety and environmental plans specific to each site.

Quad has the considerable expertise in providing and achieving the required outcomes in these diverse environments and conditions. This involves:

  • Management expertise and capacity
  • Trained staff
  • Specialist equipment
  • Effective site scheduling and supervision.
  • Cleaning needs at these sites can change at short notice and the Quad team has the capacity and the flexibility to adjust cleaning resources to meet changing client requirements.
  • Special cleaning at shutdowns are part of the industrial cleaning service we provide.

Safety is always a priority at Quad and we have special safety programs for high risk industrial situations.