Our Services

Quad has over 43 years experience as a provider of quality cleaning, security and associated building services to a diverse range of clients across Australia & New Zealand.

Each market requires specific experience, equipment and training. Service quality in all markets is based upon the disciplined application of our Quad Service Methodology. This ensures delivery of a consistent and quality service customised to client requirements.

Quad understands that cleanliness, safety, security and hygiene are important in all client environments and that facilities have special site requirements and specifications that often require specialised cleaning including:

  • Effective communication for daily responses to any requests.
  • Specialised cleaning for the specific needs of each site
  • Specialised cleaning, cleaner training and scheduling for different facilities within buildings
  • Cleaner presentation.
  • Flexibility of cleaner scheduling to meet changing additional requirements.
  • Periodic works requirements
  • Performance reporting and meetings

Our commitment to the careful selection and ongoing training of our skilled cleaning staff ensures that we consistently meet all health and safety, and environmental standards and maintain compliance with all accreditation and legislative requirements. We have a comprehensive training program which can be provided on request but an extract of topics includes:

We seek to fully understand your site requirements and integrate our systems and training to compliment these requirements. Specifically, we will ensure

  • We create safe work procedures that are specific to your site needs.
  • Our induction and training programs are tailored to your site needs.
  • All our personnel are properly and sufficiently qualified, & trained in your site specific requirements.

Quad will ensure all onsite personnel have the necessary clearances prior to commencing at your sites such as Immigration/ Visa status, Working with Children check and Police checks.


  • This expertise includes the capabilities to service the special requirements for Hospital theatres, CBD office buildings, Retail, Leisure facilities, Education, Aged Care, 5 star Hotels, industrial sites, food production clean room environments and the scheduling for 24/ 7 facilities.
  • The Quad Area (non-site) Operations Management team have considerable experience in serving clients in our industry across Australia & New Zealand.
  • We have a depth of Management close by to client sites for effective supervision, liaison & support.
  • This capability is enhanced by specialist support teams for WHS, Environment, Human Resources, IT, site budgeting, accounts and administration.
  • The depth of management across Australia and New Zealand, and the range of our team expertise ensure our capability to service all client requirements.