The Quad Services Security Division offers a comprehensive range of security services which enhance our client’s risk management arrangements including:

SECURITY MANPOWER SERVICES: Security operatives for static guarding duties including RSA, RSG and Crowd Control.

CONCIERGE SERVICES: Professional Security customer service focused Operatives ensuring that egress and entry to corporate or licensed premises meets client requirements.

LOSS PREVENTION OFFICERS: Overt or covert operatives engaged in the retail sector, ensuring that all aspects of the law are followed when dealing with reduction of loss, as well as lawful detention of found offenders.

CROWD CONTROL & EVENT PLANNING: Our security officers are trained and qualified to deal with the safety aspects of crowd control. We can assist with the strategic planning of events, and areas where the presence of security operatives are required to ensure the safe and effective methods to be used for controlling both small and large numbers of people.

SECURITY PATROL SERVICES: Our Patrol Operatives ensure client’s premises are appropriately secured, through checking physical barrier and internal checks.

BACK TO BASE MONITORING: Through associated contractors, this service is available to clients who have engaged the services of Quad Manpower Security at the site or complex, and when the area is sealed and closed, alarms activated then the monitoring of the Physical Barrier and Internal P.I.R. (Passive Infrared Detectors) is engaged.


Quad Services draws upon its resources and experience in the Security Industry environment to provide a disciplined approach to service delivery which consistently measures client satisfaction and makes adjustments where necessary to meet client requirements. This approach also ensures immediate response to and rectification of any defects to meet client satisfaction if required.

Quad Services is a member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited), and is licensed to provide security services in the following states:

NSW 409648021
ACT 17501843
VIC 78979081S
QLD 3315212
SA ISL 225683